Cata Technology

Cata Technology

Overcoming technology.

We could boast of cutting-edge technology. Innovative capacity. A great investment by having machinery of last generation. We are also proud to be the first in the introduction of factories abroad.

But we prefer to talk about technology of overcoming. That aimed to refine products of CATA. To adapt them to the needs of the market. To make them even more durable. Useful. Insurmountable. The design, question of ambition.

We are not satisfied with technologically perfect products. An extractor; an extractor or decorative; a heater; a fan. A new product is a new challenge. And so we give vent to the creativity of our team of professionals.

We are committed to the aesthetics. We are pursuing the beauty. And that effort is rewarded with numerous awards, as that gives us the prestigious ADI-FAD. Although, in the case of design, CATA products speak for themselves.

** Industrial design of the decorative arts promotion Association.