Service Policy

Service Policy

In the field of consumer durables, CATA ELECTRODOMESTICOS INDIA (P) Ltd is recognized throughout India for itsinnovative range of Kitchen Appliances. CATA ELECTRODOMESTICOS INDIA (P) Ltd believes in giving total satisfaction to the customers – whether it is through product design, product performance or After Sale Service.

After Sales Service under warranty as well as out of warranty will be provided to the customers by the CATA ELECTRODOMESTICOS INDIA (P) Ltd Authorised Service Centers (ASC) appointed by the company for entire range of CATA ELECTRODOMESTICOS INDIA (P) Ltd products sold in that area.




All Service Technicians of ASC have been fully trained to install the products for proper functioning and optimum performance. As such the customers are advised to get their product Installed only from the CATA ELECTRODOMESTICOS INDIA (P) Ltd authorized Service Centre. This is also required for availing the Warranty Benefits. Any Masonry, Plumbing or Electrical work and material required for the proper installation has to be arranged by the customer at his cost.

Warranty Service

All CATA ELECTRODOMESTICOS INDIA (P) Ltd products are warranted against any manufacturing defects for the original purchaser for the period and the terms specified in the warranty card. This warranty covers labor and replacement parts. Under no circumstances Warranty period can be increased unless and until the same is extended in writing by the company. (For Extended Warranty, please refer Annexure C)

To avail the warranty, the customer must return the product to our nearest franchisee/Dealer along with a copy of purchase bill accompanied by the warranty card duly filled in. However ASC at its sole discretion may provide Doorstep Service (at Nominal Visit Charges) for the products which are difficult to be carried to the Service Centre.

The warranty will be applicable subject to the following terms:
  • The product is installed by ASC.
  • The unit is operated strictly as per specifications laid out in the user manual provided along with the appliances.
  • A valid bill and duly filled, stamped Warranty Card is provided for ascertaining the date of purchase at the time of repairs.

The company will not be responsible for any delay in servicing the appliance or any complaint due to reason beyond its control

Standard Warranty conditions will apply on all the parts against any manufacturing defect, inherent or apparent, however the following parts will not be covered in warranty.

  • Filters
  • bulbs
  • Plastic & Glass parts which are prone to breakage because of mishandling.
  • Parts subject to normal wear and tear.


The warranty also excludes normal wear and tear on the surface affecting the paint or finish of the product. All parts changed under warranty shall become the property of CATA ELECTRODOMESTICOS INDIA (P) Ltd.

The Following are also not covered under warranty:
  • Service calls to correct the installation of the product, to replace or repair house fuses or to correct house wiring or plumbing.
  • Service calls to repair or replace light bulbs, fuses or filters. Those consumable parts are excluded from warranty coverage.
  • Expenses for travel and transportation for product service in remote locations and pickup and delivery charges.
  • Parts subject to normal wear and tear.
The warranty shall be null and void in case where
  • Service calls to correct the installation of the product, to replace or repair house fuses or to correct house wiring or plumbing.
  • Any modification or structural changes are made to the product or it is not used as per the operating standards specified for the
  • The specified periodic maintenance is not done.
  • Sub Standard parts are substituted in place of genuine spares
  • Any damage/defect which occur by improper electrical circuits outside the appliance or by electric supply
  • The product is used for NON DOMESTIC PURPOSE (places like hotels, restaurants etc.)
  • Product gets rusted due to environmental effect, misuse, and negligence or mishandling
Call Registration (Delhi & NCR)

Customers/Dealers can register their complaint from 09:30 Hrs to 18:00 Hrs at our Customer Care Centre Nos. 011-29534999, 011-29532555 Auto generated Complaint No. will be sent through SMS to the customer. Customer will also be updated on the status of the complaint through SMS