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  •  Multifunction Oven – 10 Functions
  • Sequential Control Panel 100% tactile
  •  Cooking Start / Stop Programming
  • Temperature Pre Selection for each Funtion
  • 4 Levels for placing Easy to Move Trays
  • 2 100% removable Telescopic Guides
  •  Cold Door Triple Glass with Tangential Ventilation
  • Accessories : 1 tray 3 CM, 1 Deep Tray 5CM and 1 Grill
  •  Designed with a White Glass Finish
  •  Cold door – Yes
  •  Triple glass door – Yes
  •  External measurements (mm) – Height: 595 ; Width: 595; Background: 460
  •  Built-in measurements (mm) – Height: 593 ; Bandwidth: 564; Background: 550

 Type - Multifunction
 Installation - Recessed
 Controls - Touch control
 Energy class - A
 Capacity (Lt) - 59
 Timer - Yes
 Cleaning system - Aquasmart
 Inner Ilumination - Yes
 Functions - 11
 Cold door - Yes
 Panoramic door - NO
 Telescopic guide - 2
 Grills - 1
 Trays - 1
 Triple glass door - Yes
 External measurements (mm) - Height: 595 ; Width: 595; Background: 460
 Built-in measurements (mm) - Height: 593 ; Bandwidth: 564; Background: 550



Every year, the number of users who prefer a set of built-in appliances is growing – usually a hob and an oven – a separate kitchen stove. The advantage of an independent oven is that you can install it not traditionally – in the lower section of the kitchen set, but at a level convenient for you and allowing you not to bend over using the device. Perfect functionality, laconic and elegant design of the electric oven Cata HGR 110 AS WH will not leave indifferent the most demanding customer. The model meets the modern quality standards and belongs to the energy consumption class “A”, which allows to save the electric power as much as possible during the operation of the device.

The internal volume of the oven Cata HGR 110 AS WH is 59 liters, which allows you to bake a large chicken in the oven or cook decent portions of food for the whole family or a large number of guests. For convenience of use, the oven is equipped with fully extendable telescopic guides, which make the most comfortable handling of the baking trays (1 pc.) And grilles (2 pcs.). In order to make sure the dish is ready, you do not have to constantly open the cabinet door – the internal camera of the model is illuminated by a 25-watt minion lamp. The presence of lights is especially valuable when you are baking. Fans of baking will be pleased with the mode of convection heating mode, which allows the dish to be baked evenly from all sides, while shortening the cooking time.

The tangential cooling system and triple-glazed cabinet door glass ensure a low external surface temperature, protecting you from accidental burns. The inner surface of the cabinet is covered with Vetro Clean light enamel, which makes the care of the oven virtually invisible. Provided in this model and the system of protection from children – a kind of security system for too curious fidget. The system of electronic blocking of functions of an oven prevents not only its casual inclusion, but also change of the established mode of processing of food.

As you can see, the possibilities of the oven Cata HGR 110 AS WH in the implementation of your culinary delights are very wide.

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